Cutting rebars

Cutting rebars

20 December 2019

The Challenge

Two #9 Grade 75 rebar (1 1/8-inch diameter) cross through a 24-inch stormwater clay pipe. Both rebar lay loosely in 4-inch bore holes, with one crossing at the pipe bottom and the other one about 4-inch above the pipe bottom. These rebar are leftovers from a nearby building construction many years ago.

The Equipment

Sewer Robotics Van installed system, equipped with a 500bar (7,250psi@4gpm) pump unit, R160 robot, HA165 cutting module with lift and vertical/horizontal adapter, 3.4HP water motor with a 6-inch diamond cutting wheel.

The Procedure

Occupying just one manhole the robot was driven to the two rebar locations to first perform vertical cuts for creating clearance. Once these rebar segments were removed it took (2) more cuts per side with the final cut to ensure that the remaining rebar is at least flush or even recessed. All in all, 12 cuts were needed to complete the job, averaging about 10min/cut.

The Result

The pipe can now be spot repaired. Mission accomplished!

cutting cross-bored rebar from a 24-inch sewer

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