Features for a unique and pleasant to work with cutter

Features for a unique and pleasant to work with cutter

22 December 2020

Some features that make our reinstatement cutter unique and a pleasure to work with:
Its compact and durable design provides ease of deployment from tight manholes and sufficient clearance to reach far inside pipes.

Our hydro-powered cutting motor is easy to maintain and provides max power for fast lateral reinstatement, or for trimming concrete and cast iron intruding connections.

The modular stainless steel body is tough, without delicate exterior components and compatible with CCTV Inspection and High Pressure Precision Water Jet Cutting modules.

The hydro-pneumatic actuators allow precise and strong movements without hydraulics inside the robot.

Precision water jet cutting allows your organization to expend its offered services. Remove solid obstructions, like roots, cement, grout, scaling, failed liner and concrete fast and without adding damage to host pipes!

This robot system is available as a Mobile configuration, plug-and-play Skid for Vans or Trailers, or as a Full-Box build-out.

Please have a look at the features of this system and let us know a convenient date and time to schedule a personal online demonstration.

Let us help you find the equipment that best suits your needs and schedule a demo now!



HA125 - Lateral Reinstatement Cutting Robot

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