Looking For A Single System Solution?

Looking For A Single System Solution?

26 May 2021

Looking for a single system solution? Truly modular with a multifunctional crawler and various job-specific modules?

This video shows the versatility of the R125 robot for 150 – 500mm (6 – 20 inch) pipelines with the HA125 reinstatement cutter, WJ125 water jet and Gripper for lateral reinstatement and cutting intruding taps and removal of solid obstructions and deposits settled.

The Sewer Robotics crawlers are available for varying pipe diameters from 150 – 1000mm (6-40inch) and can be transformed from water jet cutting robot into a powerful lateral reinstatement cutter, CCTV inspection, or spot repair robot within 60 seconds. By exchanging the job-specific modules.

Do you want to learn how our equipment can help you stand out from competition? We are happy to demonstrate its capabilities in a live demo!

Sewer Robotics Web Demo, Seeing is Believing

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