Mobile Configurations Technical Drawing

Mobile Configurations Technical Drawing

3 June 2021

Available from our stock, and ready for your job!
This lightweight box is designed for easy transportation and usage with the powerful Sewer Robotics reinstatement cutter and water jetting robots for fast and precise opening of laterals after re-lining and speedy removal of solid obstructions. It has a generator, accessories and tools contained, conveniently inside! Compact, powerful and ready for action within minutes!

All that is required on site, is a water supply for the mobile 500bar (7,250psi) high pressure cart. Or alternatively, this mobile cutter configuration can be used with the Sewer Robotics electric, or pneumatic driven cutter motors for lateral reinstatement.

Do you want to learn how our equipment can help you stand out from competition? We are happy to demonstrate its capabilities in a live demo!

Sewer Robotics Mobile Configurations Technical Drawing

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