How Does It Work?

How Does It Work?

High Pressure Water Jet Cutting

Precision water jet cutting applies a continuous adjustable high pressure/ low volume water jet from a special designed transporter, featuring a pan & tilt nozzle and cctv camera module, for controlled and fast removal of deposits settled and solid obstructions from within 150-1000mm (6-40") storm, water and wastewater pipes and service lateral connections.

Eyes on the job and continuous adjustment of water pressure, angle with the pipe and distance to the material enable the operator to achieve the breakdown and elimination of various obstructions without adding damage to the pipe structure.

Precision water jet cutting removes: fat, oil, grease, debris, tree roots, cement, grout, scale, tuberculation, calcium, mineral deposits and concrete.

How does it work?

1. Robot configuration

Based on the pipe diameter, the pipe material and the type of deposits, the operator prepares the robot for the operation and determines what: equipment module, wheel and adapter configuration, and type of nozzle (rotary or straight jet) will be used.

(Pipe plugs and/or by-pass pumping should be installed if the water flow is likely to interfere with the visibility of the operation.)

2. Positioning

The operator should then insert the robot through the manhole into the pipe and move towards the troubled area to position the robot at an effective distance to the obstruction.

3. Start pump

With the robot in position inside the pipe, the operator can start the pump from the control unit, at a low pressure first, before slowly increasing pressure until the water blast starts to remove the deposit.

4. Removing deposits

While watching the live video, the operator should maintain a nozzle angle of no more than 30 degrees with the pipe surface while panning the nozzle and moving back- and forward with the robot to remove all deposits.
Large pieces of deposit come loose when the water blast finds its way through the deposit, building pressure between the pipe surface and the deposit.

The Precision Water Jet Cutting operation should be interrupted when too much loose materials are in between the robot and the obstruction. These are removed with a flushing truck before Water Jet Cutting can continue.

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