Lateral Reinstatement & Cutting Protruding Taps

With The Most Powerful Cutter On The Market

All Sewer Robotics cutter robots feature powerful cutter motors, great camera visibility with lens cleaners and very precise and operator friendly controls for extremely fast lateral reinstatements and smooth cuts  from within 150mm - 750mm (6-30") storm, sewer and water pipelines.

The water driven cutter motor easily cuts through hammer taps and protruding laterals of cast iron, concrete, brick and clay while allowing sufficient clearance in 150mm (6") and larger pipelines. The water lubricates the ceramic bearings and cools the cutter bit to extend the lifetimes of both.

Powerful, precisely controlled, effective and fast cutting! Watch video:

Lateral reinstatement cutting sewer robot video
How to change modules from sewer robot video

Lateral Reinstatement Cutting & High Pressure Jetting with the same robot

The modular Sewer Robotics crawlers are available for varying pipe diameters and can be transformed from a lateral reinstatement cutter into an high pressure water jet cutting robot for pipe cleaning and liner preparation within 60 seconds. By exchanging the job-specific modules.

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Sewer pipeline rehabilitation and lateral cutting robots

Rehabilitation & Lateral Cutting Robots

Sewer Robotics rehabilitation robots are available in varying sizes for fast and precise lateral reinstatement after relining and cutting protruding taps from within 150 – 1000 mm (6-40”) storm, sewer and water pipelines. Explore which cutter robot is most suitable to take your lining operations to the next level.
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