Sewer Rehabilitation Equipment

Sewer Rehabilitation Equipment

The Sewer Robotics SR-SERIES is a higly effective and cost-efficient modular robot system for trenchless rehabilitation of storm, sewer and water pipelines and features a multi functional transporter with various job- specific modules for cleaning, obstructions removal, CCTV inspection, lateral reinstatement, cutting protruding taps, lateral inspections and cleaning, UV patching and installing spot repair sleeves.

Sewer Robotics rehabilitation robots can be used as a mobile configuration or installed in a van, trailer or box truck as stand-alone system with high pressure unit and water supply.

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High Pressure Water Jet Cutting Robots

High Pressure Water Jet Cutting

150 - 1000 mm (6-40")

Sewer Robotics water jet cutting robots clean and remove tree roots, fat, scaling, grout, cement, concrete and calcium from inside 150 - 1000mm (6-40") pipes. Explore which robot is most suitable for removing those impossible solid pipe obstructions and deposits from your underground storm, sewer and water infrastructure.
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Rehabilitation & Lateral Cutting Robots

Rehabilitation & Lateral Cutting

150 - 750 mm (6-30")

Powerful rehabilitation and cutting robots for fast and precise lateral reinstatement and cutting protruding taps from 150 – 750 mm (6-30”) pipes. Explore which cutter robot is most suitable to take your lining operations to the next level.
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CCTV Pipe Inspection and Spot Repair Robots

Inspection & Spot Repair

150 - 500 mm (6-20")

CCTV pipe inspections, UV patching and installation of part liners and spot repair sleeves inside storm, sewer and water pipelines with the SR-SERIES robot. Sewer Robotics pipe inspection and spot repair robots feature a pan & tilt camera and air coupling to connect to UV patching and spot repair packers.
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UVP125 UV Patching and Short Lining Rehabilitation Packer

UV Patching and Short Lining

150 - 300 mm (6-12”)

The innovative UV light curing short liner and patching system easily renovates damages like longitudinal or radial cracks in 150 – 300 mm (4-12”) pipes. Using an inflatable LED packer, the pre- impregnated fiberglass liner is positioned, inflated and cured fast and easy as the UV light reduces curing time to 10 minutes.
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LAT160 Lateral Cleaning & Root Cutting Robot

Lateral Inspection Cleaning & Root Cutting

250 – 750 mm (10-30”)

The LAT160 robot can be used in combination with an inspection camera or high pressure cleaning nozzle to perform lateral inspections or cleaning operations. The LAT160 is launched from 250 – 750 mm (10-30”) main pipes.
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Mobile Configuration and Vehicle Installations

Mobile & Vehicle Configurations

Mobile, Van, Trailer or Box Truck

Sewer Robotics rehabilitation robots can be used mobile or installed in a van, trailer or box truck as stand-alone system with water and electric supply.
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