Mobile & Vehicle Configurations

Mobile & Vehicle Configurations

Mobile, Van, Trailer or Box Truck

Sewer Robotics rehabilitation robots can be used as a mobile configuration or installed in a van, trailer or box truck as stand-alone system with high pressure unit and water supply.

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Mobile configuration


The mobile configuration is composed of an electric cable reel and control unit case with all SR-SERIES robots and their according job-specific modules. An economic and versatile solution for sewer rehabilitation operations such as precise and powerful lateral reinstatement cutting, cutting protruding taps, obstacle removal, etc.
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Van and Trailer Skid

Van & Trailer Skid

The Van and Trailer skid provides an ergonomic and operator friendly configuration that easily slides in most Vans and Trailers. This skid unit is compatible with all our hose and cable reels, as well as all robots and our job-specific modules for lateral reinstatement, water jetting, camera inspection and spot repair.
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Box Truck Installation

Complete vehicle installation

Sewer Robotics provides complete and stand-alone installations with water and power supplies, storage, operator-friendly controls room and high pressure unit. These installations are according to your personal requirements and inside a box that fits your chassis specifications. Upon completion of the installation and testing, the box is shipped to your location where it is placed on top of the chassis.
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