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Your C70 video nozzle software is up-to-date if you are using version v5.0.9. Is your software not up to date? Update now!

The C70 has 4 skids with different diameters that can be used for cleaning. This diameters ranges from 150-1000mm (6-40″) pipes. Read more about the C70 skids.

To use Sewer Analytics, open the internet browser and surf to SewerAnalytics.com. Click for the step by step registration manual.

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Frequently Asked Questions Sewer Analytics

Artificial intelligence, or AI, refers to machines that are capable of making smart decisions.

AI can also be used to automatically code defects in cleaning videos. This is done by first training the AI on pipe defects with a huge set of coded defects. Once trained, the AI then looks for patterns in the new video that matches the patterns it learned from the defective videos. Finally, the AI outputs a list of defects for the cleaning video, along with the required screenshot and defect code according international standards. Read more about AI Automatic Defect Coding.

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