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The Role of Artificial Intelligence in Sewer Inspection, by Stella Joy, june 27,2023 Artificial intelligence is the theory and development of computer systems that can perform tasks that normally require human intelligence (such as an operator coding pipe defects), visual perception, speech recognition, decision-making and translation between

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Concrete removal at the Ibrox Stadium

The Colus Specialist Projects Team has been working at the Ibrox Stadium, the home for the Scottish Champions ‘The Rangers’, at their new museum, removing 12m of concrete running up to 100% in a 450mm pipe. 

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California calcium removal

The calcium in this coated VCP 12″ sewer pipe was more than half the diameter of the inside of the pipe and had formed a “pipe in a pipe”. Pacific Sewer Maintenance broke that internal calcium structure into smaller manageable

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Removing tuberculation before UV-lining

Years of hydrogen sulfide gasses accelerated the corrosion of this 300mm (12”) sewer pipeline, leaving it heavily tuberculated with the upstream manhole in a very bad shape.

No problem for Daito CO., LTD., who accepted the challenge with a smile.

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Fatberg removal UK sewer pipelines

The enormous fatberg was found in UK sewers was approx. 330ft in length and 9.5″ (100m long and 25cm thick) and taking up half the flow capacity of the pipe. The gruesome fatberg was one of 30,000 sewer blockages a

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Concrete removal Italy

After various failed attempts of different nozzles and cutters, Sewer Robotics was invited to remove the concrete that has been blocking this 400mm sewer main line for the past 10 years.

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Calcite removal from clay pipe

Years of mineral deposits leaving a layer of calcite and narrow joints inside this 200mm (8”) clay sewer main pipeline.

Water jet cutting applies a high pressure low volume water blast from a special designed crawler with camera and pan and

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Removing pipe tuberculation (scaling)

Scaling and tuberculation reduced the flow in cast iron pipelines.

The pipe flow was restored with a water jet applied from a robot with camera and rotary nozzle with 500bar (7,250psi) water pressure.

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Water jetting roots at pipe joint

Removing a few thick tree roots that grew into a 200mm (8″) VCP sewer pipe from the joint. 500bar (7,250psi) was used in combination with a rotary nozzle on the water jet cutting robot to remove the root infiltration in

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