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Two operators, tasked with removing a massive root blockage from a sewer pipeline, had the great idea of equipping a robot crawler with a high-pressure jet.

With that solution, 18 years ago, ID-TEC (now Sewer Robotics) was founded and introduced the first modular robot system to perform various sewer rehabilitation jobs.

Today, Sewer Robotics technologies help customers around the world to keep the storm-, water and wastewater pipelines in good conditions.

Sewer Robotics was the first company to introduce UHP water jet cutting

About us

Sewer Robotics is the proud manufacturer of this modular, single system solution that features a multi functional crawler and various job-specific modules for underground pipe inspection, cleaning, cutting and rehabilitation.

One system, highly effective and cost-efficient, removing root intrusions, cutting protruding taps, reinstating lateral connections, installing spot repair systems and removing heavy grease, over poured concrete and years of calcium and scale build-up from 150 – 1000mm (6-40”) underground pipes and service lateral connections.

Concrete Removal
Lombardy, IT
Sewer Wax removal after factory fire
Bladel, NL
Failed CIPP liner removal
Northampton, UK
Calcium removal
Los Angeles, CA
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18 Years professional UHP water jet cutting

Sewer Robotics was the first company to introduce UHP water jet cutting from a specialized crawler to remove solid obstructions and deposits settled. Our customers worldwide have removed many different materials and saved lots of pipes from replacement over the course of 18 years.

Our 18 years of UHP water jet cutting experience can be recognized in the designs and features of our precise and reliable directional cutting robots that are easy to operate and easy to service. 

Custom is our Specialty

We understand the importance to stand out from the competition and invite you to share your ideas and custom requirements, so that our engineers can make your ideal equipment or vehicle integration reality.

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