Precision water jet cutting applies a continuous adjustable high pressure/low volume water blast from a special designed crawler, with accurately steerable nozzle and CCTV camera module, for controlled removal of deposits settled and solid obstructions from within 150 – 1000mm (6- 40”) pipes and their lateral connections.

Eyes on the job and continuous adjustment of water pressure, angle with the pipe and distance to the material enable the operator to achieve the breakdown and elimination of various obstructions without adding damage to the pipe structure.

SEWER ROBOTICS high pressure units are built with digital controls and sensors for continuous pressure adjustments and immediate pump operation to adapt immediately to different materials and ever changing conditions without leaving the robot controls.

Eyes on the job
Continuous pressure adjustment
Precise Controls
Power to remove any material
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Concrete Removal
Lombardy, IT
Sewer Wax removal after factory fire
Bladel, NL
Failed CIPP liner removal
Northampton, UK
Calcium removal
Los Angeles, CA
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15 years of UHP High Pressure Precision Jet Cutting

Our 15 years of UHP water jet cutting experience can be recognized in the designs and features of our precise and reliable directional cutting robots that are easy to operate and easy to service.

Made from durable stainless steel and with enough freedom of movement to apply a powerful water blast, directly to the material, under the right angle and with constant camera supervision in pipelines with varying diameters.”


150-600 mm (6-24")
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200-500 mm (8-20")
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200-750 mm (8-30")
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250-1000 mm (10-40")
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Water jet
cutting robots

Sewer Robotics offers 4 UHP water jet cutting modules, compatible with 3 different-sized crawlers for optimized application ranges, maximized in-pipe clearances and easy deployment from tight manholes.

These robots are all compatible with the same cable reels and control units and therefore easily exchanged. And if you only need a different size water jet occasionally, than we have loaner equipment available for you.

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Pipe Diameter150 – 600mm (6-24”)200 – 500mm (8-20”)250 - 750mm (10-30”)300 – 1000mm (12 –40”)
Max. pressure3000bar (43,500psi)3000bar (43,500psi)3000bar (43,500psi)3000bar (43,500psi)
Ram lift210mm
Nozzle tilt110°90°100°90°
Compatible Robot R125 R160 R160 R250

500, 1500, or up to 3000 bar?

Continuous pressure adjustment of Sewer Robotics high pressure units allow the operator to adapt immediately to different materials and ever
changing conditions from the control unit. High pressure units are available with a maximum pressure of:

▘500 bar (7,250psi)
▘1500 bar (21,750psi)
▘3000 bar (43,600psi)

Precision water jet cutting removes: fog, debris, roots, cement, scale, tuberculation, grout, calcium & concrete.

MaterialRequired max.
water pressure
Sewer Robotics Roots & grease+ ROOTS
+ Grease
500 bar
Sewer Robotics cement corrosion+ CEMENT
+ corrosion
+ scale
+ Grout
+ CIPP Liner
500 – 1500 bar
Sewer Robotics calcium & concrete+ Calcium
+ concrete
+ other Extremly hard materials
1500 – 3000 bar

“In 30 minutes more material was removed than what 5 other companies had removed together in 3 weeks”

Compatible Configurations

Durable stainless body

Without delicate exterior parts and with a diameter of only 100mm (4”).

Its durable and short design provides ease of deployment from tight manholes and sufficient clearance to reach far inside pipes.

Adjustable speeds

Of the electric movements (driving and rotating) allow operators to drive to the job fast. Then reduce the speed to maximize precision.


Convert the UHP water jet cutter into a powerful lateral reinstatement cutter- or CCTV inspection robot within 60 seconds. The available, purpose-build, modules widen the robot’s application range.

Great visibility

A wide-angle camera with continuously adjustable LED lighting is placed directly behind the cutter and easily cleaned with the on-demand lens cleaner.


Water jet cutting uses a targeted high pressure water blast, precisely applied and continuously monitored, to remove roots, cement, grout, concrete, failed liners and mineral deposits without adding damage to the host pipe.

The position of the 90-degree, swivelling, nozzle connection ensures a wide application scope and maximized visibility during the operation.

Hydro-pneumatic actuators

The 205mm (8”) ram lift and 110° nozzle tilt provide a very wide application scope from 150 – 600mm (“6-24”) and are realized by hydro-pneumatic actuators.

These in-house developed, linear actuators are operated with compressed air and have an enclosed hydraulic circuit to combine the strength and precision of hydraulic cylinders with the convenience and serviceability of pneumatic actuators without hydraulics inside the robot. 

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