Concrete removal at the Ibrox Stadium


The Colus Specialist Projects Team has been working at the Ibrox Stadium, the home for the Scottish Champions ‘The Rangers’, at their new museum, removing 12m of concrete running up to 100% in a 450mm pipe. 

A storm pipe, a part of the new museum build, was found to have concrete in it after a CCTV inspection. DAMM Environmental called on Colus with their new UHP cutter to help solve the problem at hand. 

The works took 4 days to complete using Sewer Robotics WJ250 UHP Water Cutter, working at pressures of 36,000 PSI. The cutter is a fully robotic precision cutter and managed to remove all of the concrete with no damage to the pipe walls. 

The Colus UHP Cutter has 3 working precision robots working in diameters from 150mm to 1050mm, capable of removing concrete of all strengths, tree roots, fatbergs, general obstructions, as well as failed or deformed patches and liners, causing little to no damage to the host pipe. It can also run as a water powered lateral cutter giving more options during the cutting operations. 

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