(150-400mm | 6-16″)

150-400MM (6-16”)

UVP125 UV-LED spot repair packer

The UVP125 packer is made for rapid renovation of longitudinal and radial cracks from inside pipes made of concrete, steel, reinforced concrete, fibre cement, cast iron or PVC by installing a 600mm (24″) long UV-cured resin pre-impregnated fibreglass patch. Longer damages can be rehabilitated by overlapping patches.

The wide-spectrum, Ultra Violet, LED light-train has a low power consumption and is suitable for pipes of differing diameters from 150 to 400mm (6-16”) by adjusting the end-discs and bladders of the packer.

Easily driven in place with the R125 crawler
The UVP125 can be used as a stand-alone packer, or as a job-specific module on the R125 crawler for fast traversing through the pipe and precise positioning of the packer.

Pre-impregnated fibreglass liner on a roll
UV-cured FIBALITE fiberglass-reinforced patches are pre-impregnated with high stiffness, non silicate, resin and supplied with protection films on a convenient roll. One roll of this liner material is suitable for all diameters and eliminates time-consuming mixing of resins and impregnating of the carrier materials on site. Ensuring a clean and hassle-free installation with a 3 minute preparation time and 8 minutes curing time.

Pan & tilt camera
The front-placed Pan & Tilt CCTV camera provides excellent vision to overview the installation process and to post inspect the freshly rehabilitated pipe immediately after the patching is completed.

Water infiltration
Overlapping Patches
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  • Superfast preparation
  • Low costs
  • Always the right diameter patch
  • Minimal working space required
  • High strength
  • High flexibility at off-set joints
  • No on-site mixing of resins and impregnation
  • Liner Specifications

    Reinforcement                  : E-glass fibres (±70%)
    Resin                               : UV curing ISO Polyester resin
    Adhesion properties          : >10 MPa (to steel, shot blast) (ASTM D4541)
    Adhesive modulus            : 3,8 GPa (ISO 527-2)
    Thickness                        : 1,5mm/ 2,0 mm/ 2,5 mm
    Adhesive tensile strength  : ≥ 90MPa (ISO 527-2)
    Roll length                       : 10m (33’)
    Roll width                        : 600mm (24”)
    Shipping dimensions        : 750x260x270mm (29.5×10.2×10.6”)
    Shipping weight               : 20kg (44LBS)


    The UV- cured liner material is supplied on 600mm (24”) wide rolls. The roll is placed in the dispenser, which is designed to easily cut the liner at the right size, remove the protection film and load it on the packer by a single person in 3 minutes.

    Step 1
    Cut liner to size
    Step 2
    Remove the inner protection film
    Step 3
    Remove the outer protection film
    Step 4
    Secure for transport
    Step 5
    Position the packer
    Step 6
    Inflate the packer
    Step 7
    Cure for 8 minutes
    Step 8
    Deflate the packer
    Step 9
    CCTV post inspect
    Step 10
    The end result
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    “3 Minutes Preparation Time,
    8 Minutes Curing Time”


    Scope of use 
    Curing time 
    Max. pressure  
    Renovation lengths 

    : 150 – 400mm (6-16”)
    : 6 – 10 Minutes
    : 100-230V, 50-60Hz
    : 2,5bar (360psi)
    : 600mm (24”)

    Scope of use 
    Curing time 
    Max. pressure  
    Renovation lengths 

    : 150 – 400mm (6-16”)
    : 6 – 10 Minutes
    : 100-230V, 50-60Hz
    : 2,5bar (360psi)
    : 600mm (24”)


  • Compatible with the Sewer Robotics system
  • Time-saving preparation
  • No on-site mixing of resins and impregnation
  • Independent of temperatures: all-year operation possible
  • High adhesive tensile strength
  • Low shrinking characteristics
  • Accessories

    • ZRK70 Pan & Tilt CCTV camera head
    • Liner material dispenser
    • Air control box

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