Service philosophy

Easy Service at fair costs

Our equipment is built as tough as can be, with a slim, stainless-steel body and without delicate external parts, wiring and cables.

But as we know, anything can get broken in this industry and home-owners need to be able to use their toilets at the end of the day.

Therefore, we design our equipment so that it is easy to service, complete with service kits and training.

Our spare parts are reasonably priced and shipped the same day (if ordered before noon). Factory repairs, are usually shipped back within 48 hours after it arrives in our factory.

And, we have loaner equipment available (also for when your project requires an additional or different robot or module than what you have already).



+ Personal assistance
+ Self repair possibility
+ Remote system dial-in
+ Fair priced parts
+ Parts available
+ Loaner equipment

Cable retermination

The robot’s strain relief is designed so, that a single operator can do a cable retermination in the field within 90 minutes with our cable repair kit and instruction video.

Cutter motor rebuild

When our cutter motors lose power after long and intense usage, they do not need to be exchanged. Instead, the ceramic bearings of the cutter motor can be replaced within 15 minutes in the field.

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