Powerful Rehabilitation Technologies & Solutions

The modular Sewer Robotics rehabilitation robots are designed to reinstate lateral connections, cut protruding taps, clean, eliminate solid obstructions and deposits settled, CCTV inspection, UV patching and spot repair within 150 – 1000 mm (6-40”) sewer, water and storm pipelines.

The best solution for fast obstructions removal

High pressure water jet cutting is the only technology in the world capable of fast and accurate removal of tree roots, solidified fat, tuberculation, scaling, cement, concrete and calcium obstructions within the pipeline or prepare pipes for lining.

The most powerful lateral reinstatement cutter

The extremely powerful and durable lateral reinstatement cutters feature very accurate movement control and water driven (or electric) cutter motors for fast and precise lateral reinstatement and cutting of protruding taps with a smooth cut.

Extremely fast & easy UV patching

No more mixing of resins at job sites & only 10 minutes of curing time with the Sewer Robotics UV packer and prepreg liners. Make your short lining and spot repair operations simple and swift.

How to install UV liner with the UVP125 packer
Sewer obstruction removal and cleaning water jet robot