Sewer Robotics can help

Sewer Robotics can help

Solving your pipeline cleaning and rehabilitation challenges!

Sewer Robotics was inspired by 2 pioneering operators, whom successfully applied 500 bar (7,250psi) high-pressure water, directly, to a large root mass from a modified sewer robot in an attempt to remove the impossible blockage. The result was a quick and effective new solution was found for removing solid obstructions and deposits settled from sewer, storm and water pipelines: High-Pressure Water Jet Cutting.

A few months later, in 2006, Sewer Robotics was founded and introduced the first fully modular sewer rehabilitation robot for different jobs in sewer rehabilitation with a multi-functional robot crawler (body) and exchangeable modules (heads) for: CCTV camera inspection, cleaning, obstructions removal, liner preparation, lateral reinstatement, and spot repair.

Nowadays, Sewer Robotics systems operate worldwide to keep the pipelines from Amsterdam to London, Los Angeles and Melbourne free from solidified grease, tree roots, tuberculation, scaling, grout, cement, calcium, and overpoured concrete. Constant communication with the operators and hands-on experience from many jobs generated new insights that we used to successfully advance our products and enhance their quality. Involving operators in product design has allowed to strengthen durability, precision and working speed of robots and modules for various pipe sizes, making them all the more powerful, serviceable in the field and easy to operate through precise controls, lens cleaners, operator-friendly controls, higher pressure for solid deposits removal and added modules for UV patching and spot repair.


At Sewer Robotics, we are proud to provide world-class products and personal services as your preferred supplier of advanced and powerful rehabilitation technologies and solutions.

Contact us or one of our local dealers, we are looking forward to helping and advising on your sewer cleaning and rehabilitation challenges.


Ferry van der Valk

President & Founder

Sewer Robotics


ABC-Westland 245
2685 DC, Poeldijk
the Netherlands