Case Studies

SEWER ROBOTICS was the first company to introduce UHP water jet cutting from a specialized crawler to remove solid obstructions and deposits settled. Our customers worldwide have removed many different materials and saved lots of pipes from replacement over the course of 15 years. 

Some examples

Electric grinding pipe welds

This electric cutting system, installed in an air-cargo box, was flown to Arabia and used for an emergency weld grinding job in the middle of the desert.

Hundreds of machine welded joints had to be smoothened before the pipe could be coated internally, due to a defect in the welding equipment.

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Preparing pipes for CIPP lining

Removing the grease film and taking care of tree roots infiltrated from joints, cracks and lateral connections to prepare a pipe for the installation of a cured in place pipe (CIPP) liner.

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Concrete in airport sewer

The concrete found its way into a 20” (500mm) drainage pipeline near the runways of a large Airport to settle and form an impossible blockage.

A walk in the park for our water jet cutting equipment. The blockage was removed in a few days.

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Swiss Alps Calcium Removal

Limescale, the cristalized mineral deposits often found in sewer pipelines of hard water areas, has been succesfully removed from multiple sewer pipelines in the Swiss Alps by H.Jakober with the Sewer Robotics water jet system.

The calcium carbonate had build up over many years and was so hard that it required up to 2500bar (36,250psi) to remove at some sites.

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Hard calcium removal, WTP in Florida

The Sewer Robotics’ robot R160 with the attached water-jet nozzle tool WJ180 was inserted into the pipe. A pump unit with up to 14,000 bar @ 18 LPM (20,000psi @ 10gpm) provided variable water-jet pressures throughout the cleaning process. After 3 days approx. 45M (150ft) of 30″ pipe were clean and the debris removed. All this without any interruption of the plant operation.

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Breaking calcium deposits into pieces

Calcium mineral deposits had built up over years in this 250mm (10″) PVC pipeline and were removed with the Sewer Robotics water jet system.

The calcium broke loose in pieces as soon as the water blast penetrated the deposits and were removed with the jetter truck. The PVC host pipe remained untouched.

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